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ABOUT LARA: Lara’s riding career began 20 some years ago (after much begging and pestering of her parents) at the stables of Sue and Terry Williams, the owners of the great Olympic Trakehner, Abdullah. Because of this, she has had many wonderful experiences & opportunities. After years of lessons & shows on countless school horses, at age 15, she began working with the breeding and sales stable. Here, she learned how to care for babies, break youngsters, and school greenies, all with confidence & balance. This is also where she met Parsley, a then three year old Trakehner with all the spunk & talent in the world, and now one of her trusted lesson horses at age 18. With Parsley’s help, and that of a few other equine athletes, Lara has competed up to Prelim in Eventing, 3rd Level in Dressage, and Level 6 Jumpers and has had the honor to train and clinic with the following equestrians: Leanne Haley-Brown, Linda Todenhagen, Eddo Hoekstra, Walter Zettl, Darren Chiacchia, Joe Fargis, Carol Kozlowski, Anna Blake, and Alexis Brown.


TRAINING PHILOSOPHY: Horses & humans have the amazing ability to share a very special language, one that is based on mutual trust & awareness. Problems with our equine partners arise when there is a breakdown of that language; but I firmly believe that most of these can be corrected by learning to communicate as horses, instead of just talking as humans. Horses don’t need to know the words we are saying, they need to know that we are willing to show them compassion & understanding, both on the ground and in the saddle. The partnership between horse & human reaches its full potential when this silent communication is functioning effectively & fluidly.

PLEASE NOTE: Lara is not available for outside hire at this time, as her training efforts are being focused on the CHR mares and foals.

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